Pop Art Selfies

Mini Projects for IPads

Fun little i-pad lessons using various art apps
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DigiART Logo Project

Logo Design

Make it simple! Make it flexible! Make it original!

Logo Design 2

Logo Design Assignment Brief 2
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Assignment Brief
Sample Project
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Helpful Designing a logo video!

Digital Photography

For this project, students "tuned in" taking photographs exhibiting the principles of design. They then took one macro, one scenic, one portrait, and one documentary. Please see more at www.easysite.com/artitude


Student created their own three minute films. The themes were unique to each class. Two favourite themes were "What is Art?" and "What is Home? (a third culture kid journey) For inspiration, I showed some short films that you can find here or under art videos on my blog.

Film Assignment Brief
DigiART Third Project FILM Assignment Br
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Pop Art Selfies on the Ipad

This project begins with traditional contour drawings from a mirror.

Then using SketchbookPro and layers, we trace our original drawing and fill using pop art palettes inspired by Andy Warhol.



For this project, students tuned in to their own "moonshot" (thanks Jeff Utecht) or dream in their life. They then thought of how they could create a digital art project, which linked to this life goal. The student-generated projects were by far some of the coolest projects that I've ever seen. I was truly a "guide on the side" and not the "sage on the stage". So inspiring!

Assignment Brief for Moonshot Project
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Tuning In Worksheet, for those a bit STUCK
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