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Six Day Mark Making Exploration and Project Assignment
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Travel Art or Exquisite Corpse Mixed Media: Each person folds their paper in to five sections, then begins a drawing in the top of the paper, with a small amount extending in to second section. The person then leaves the drawing and travels on to the next paper and the second section. Each person gets one at the end and finishes it with whatever materials they wish.

Elements of Art Collage: Write a key for the elements of art. Line, Shape, Colour, Value, Form, Texture, and Space. Then go through a magazine and find good examples for each of the elements. Create an interesting and bold collage to illustrate the elements.

Principles of Design Collage: Go through a magazine and take out pictures that are great examples of the Principles of Design: Balance, Unity, Movement, Pattern, Rhythm, Emphasis, and Contrast. Create a collage that shows an interesting composition.