MYP Grade 6 Printmaking: Sri Lankan Flora and Fruit

Grade 6 Line Pattern Texture: Printmaking Unit
Fun exploration in to elements and the principle of contrast. Then a technical skill builder for design and linoleum carving. This one we did at OSC for an MYP Visual Arts Unit.
Art Grade 6 Task Sheet_ Line Pattern Tex
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Printmaking Pinboard

Charley Harper


The ABCs of Printmaking


Emphasized Standards  

2-Language of Art 4- Techniques 5-History and Culture



You will be creating a series of four quality prints. These prints may be made in foam or in

linoleum. Your print must be your chosen letter of the alphabet and must include line pattern and proof of your research of typography and your chosen artist. Please see the ARTIST LIST. It can have up to three colours, but could just be black and white. One of your prints will be used in an actual hand made book and your print will also be used in a published alphabet book that will be sold to raise money for the International School of Manila Scholarship Fund.



*Find an artist in which you are interested, create a pinboard on pinterest showing your research of this artist. Print a screen-shot of your board and highlight the reasons why you chose him or her. Show at least five observations of the elements and or principles he or she uses. Sources should be cited in your research.


*Find at least five types of fonts that you think are suitable for your artist and your idea. This can also be done on pinterest.


*Do two thumbnail sketches of two different ideas for your print with colour or in black and white.


Questions for Success

Have you used the elements and principles in your sketches, prints, and in

your discussions with peers?  (Language of Art)

How have they have made your work stronger? (Transfer of knowledge)

Have you created four refined, professional and vibrant prints? (Knowledge and Understanding of Printmaking Technique)

Is your art related to your chosen artist? How? (History and Culture/Transfer of Knowledge)